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About PixelTricks

{ Behind the software alchemy }

PixelTricks was founded in 2005 with the philosophy that anything’s possible - all you need is imagination, creativity, and the technical skills to turn a concept into a working masterpiece.

We specialise in building custom web-based software solutions and really having fun with how far technology can be pushed to inspire and grow new business opportunities. Our satisfaction comes from knowing that we’ve been able to build something new, something cool, something that not only our clients are happy with, but also their end-users really enjoy using.

Also very important to us is the quality of the software we produce. We pride ourselves on using best-practice industry methods to achieve high standards in building flexible, maintainable and useable software.

But wait, there’s more...

Such is the commitment to this philosophy, we also have a few of our own projects bubbling away in the PixelTricks kitchen, so be sure to keep an eye on our developments as we will keep you posted on their progress and when they’ll be ready for taste-testing and consumption!