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Globalization is about copying things that work; technology is about doing new things.

- Peter Thiel

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To innovate, you have to know the boundaries in order to push them. The technologies that drive the web are changing and maturing at a rapid pace - and this is especially true following the growth of the mobile web.

At PixelTricks, we understand the structure and meaning of content, the nuances of the various content delivery mechanisms, and the way that users interact with the information presented to them. This user-centric focus, coupled with sound technical knowledge and innovative problem solving allows us to deliver high quality, maintainable, web-aware application solutions that both you and your users will be happy with.

You can find out more below, or alternatively, contact us directly and we can discuss how we can help bring your ideas to life (the software kind for now!).

  • Website Design

    Just like the way you dress, the design of your website says a lot about you/your business. We work with you to build a design that represents what you’re all about; something snazzy that sets you apart from your competitors.

    During the design process, some of the key areas we look at are:

    Audience Functionality AND Flair Consistency Future-proofing

    We determine who you’re targetting and what their goals are on your site, and how best to combine those with yours.

    An understanding of the underlying browser and dynamic styling technology allows us to build designs knowing everything in the design is technically feasible.

    Design elements have a consistent look and behaviour across the entire site so they are easily recognisable and familiar to the user, and harmonious within their surroundings.

    We construct the design elements with easy modification in mind. If you need to do any tweaking at a later stage, it’s a painless process!

  • Web Development

    When it comes to custom development projects, our friendly and professional approach will help guide you through the process of crafting your idea into a work of art.

    What can you expect?

    Once we’ve discussed your goals, we’ll help you plan a strategy, confirming deliverables and a timeline. Any design work that needs to be carried out will be completed, and then development will commence.

    Throughout the development process we will seek your feedback to ensure our skills are bringing the right amount of awesomeness to your idea and discuss any new things that may crop up along the way. Where possible we’ll also provide you with access to see the progress in action so you can get a feel for how the user experience is shaping up.

    After a thorough round of QA testing, we then hand over the deliverables and work with you to ensure a smooth transition of the project and provide any training that you may require.

  • Solution Architecture

    User experience is the key

    Getting the balance right between the requirements of the business, the technical feasibility with the technology available, and the experience of the end user is crucial when designing a successful solution. A solution that functionally works is one thing, but consistency and efficiency of user interaction is equally important in a productive, successful software solution.

    Quality with an eye to the future

    We will turn your ideas into quality solutions by following industry standards and best practices, and adding a little creative spice in all the right places! Our code has quality built in from the ground up, so it’s flexible, re-useable, lean, and testable in numerous ways, and we design our API’s intuitively so that maintenance can be done with ease.

    We can design and build scaleable n-tier and service-orientated solutions with the latest .Net and SQL Server technology, and integrate with existing services, applications, and technologies.